Four-Foot Snow Drift is no Match for this Feisty Feline


If you love cats and hate snow, you’ll love this video of an adorable cat named Rudiger attacking and conquering a four-foot snowdrift. The video is called “rudiger only kind of loves the snow”

And it’s no wonder. This feisty feline is amazing. He’s not only beautiful with his white and ginger-colored fur and what looks like a heart right in the middle of his back, but he’s also quite tenacious.

When a snowstorm has apparently piled up a four-foot snowdrift in front of Rudiger’s front door, he’s just not having it. He starts out by digging at the snow with his paws, making a kitty-sized dent in it, but not getting too far. So, he decides that jumping over would be a better plan. So, he makes a few runs at it, only to fall back into the house.

But, in this highly entertaining video, the cat wins out against the snow and he eventually ends up on top of the snowdrift. With a triumphant king-of-the-mountain look, Rudiger simply walks away, blissfully unaware that millions are watching him.