Four Pianists Play A Single Piano And The Result Is Magical!


This is one of the most amazing piano performances you are likely to ever see because it features four pianists playing a single piano, all at the same time. The piano piece these brilliant musicians are performing is “Galop-Marché” by Lavignac. This video was filmed at the University of Southern California Thornton School of Music. This is a video you simply cannot miss because it is likely to become a performance you never forget.

Who would have thought four people could play the piano at the same time, so flawlessly! Other than a couple of issues, they do not miss a single note or key. This is simply a lovely performance and will likely bring a big smile to your face when you see it. These young musicians are truly amazing to watch and you will not believe how fast their fingers fly over the keys. Watch this amazing performance and Please SHARE on Facebook.