Four Tough Guys Wow The Judges and Audience With Their Performance of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”


This group of guys from Kentucky may look like a group of tough guys but their voices betray their outward appearance. These men come out on stage as if they are a group of rough and tough bodyguards. When they tell the judges they are there to sing, no one is expecting what they are about to hear! As the men begin singing in acapella style, you will be amazed! Singing, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, this group absolutely amazes the judges and the audience!

Linkin Bridge is a group of four men who have been friends since they were children. When they perform on America’s Got Talent, no one is expecting to hear the voices of angels blending perfectly together in harmony! Who would have thought the packages they came in would produce such a beautiful melody. If you enjoyed seeing these tough guys’ softer sides, make sure you Please SHARE on Facebook so the world can hear their talent!