Four-Year-Old Boy Dies After Eating Cinnamon From His Kitchen Cabinet


The distraught mother in this video wants to warn other parents about the dangers of cinnamon because it killed her little four-year-old! When the little boy climbed up on the stove and looked in the cabinet, he found a shaker of powdered cinnamon. Not knowing he was in danger, he swallowed it and ended up choking and then having seizures. Although they rushed him to the hospital, he was pronounced brain dead. What a horrible event to have to endure!

Not so long ago, the cinnamon challenge was going strong and people were swallowing large amounts of the powder. This poor boy was simply curious about the powder and likely had no idea it would cause his death. This mourning family wants the world to know how dangerous cinnamon can be. If you have ever considered this challenge, watch this video and don’t do it! To spread the word about this sweet boy’s death, Please SHARE on Facebook.

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