A Four-Year-Old Boy Makes a Difficult But Ultimately Life-Saving 911 Call


Making 911 calls can be emotionally difficult for people of all ages, but for very young children, they are going to be difficult for all sorts of reasons. The four-year-old child in this video manages to make the initial 911 call when his mother passed out, but he was not able to properly give their address.

He also wasn’t quite sure how to respond correctly to the sound of ambulance sirens, believing that they signaled that the ‘bad guys’ were coming. Fortunately, they were able to trace the location of the family through the cell phone, but it took some time, and the dispatcher had to maintain the phone call for a fairly long time.

This video demonstrates the bravery that young children are capable of, but it also manages to demonstrate their understandable limitations and the challenges they face. People on Facebook would find this video entertaining but also somewhat harrowing, given the content.