Four Year Old Dies From Too Much Cinnamon


Many people do not realize how harmful things in their cabinets can be. This includes things in the spice cabinet. There are an unfortunate incident where a four year old boy died after he had too much cinnamon.
Matthew Radar liked to climb on things at home and he got into powdered cinnamon that many people have at home. He poured the cinnamon in his mouth and started to choke. His mother called the hospital but it was too late. Matthew was pronounced dead by the time he reached the hospital. While his death was an accident it was still tragic. His mother decided to donate his organs to those in need so all is not lost in this situation.
This story is making the news to warn others about the dangers in their home that they may not know about. Cinnamon when inhale or consumed in large amounts can cause affixation. Please SHARE this story on Facebook to make others aware of this danger in the spice cabinet.

Delilah Rogers