Four-Year-Old Girl Dies When Her Police Officer Mother Left Her In The Car For Four Hours


Most mothers do all they can to protect their children. You would think one who is sworn to serve and protect would be even more careful in taking care of their child! The little girl in this video died because her police officer mother left her in the back of her squad car for four hours unattended. Although the car was running and the air conditioner was left on, the little girl was found unresponsive and later died.

What was this mother doing as her little girl was suffering in the heat? Evidently, she did not care much about her child, whom she callously left in the car. She and the other police officer she was visiting are facing possible charges. This horrific death could have been avoided if only the little girl’s mother had been more responsible! After seeing this video news story, Please SHARE on Facebook so others can see it too.