Four-Year-Old Little Girl Survives Vicious Mountain Lion Attack


When Kelsi Butt and her family were camping in Idaho, they had no idea they were in danger. While they were having fun, they did not realize there was a mountain lion stalking them and just waiting for the right moment. When little Kelsi wondered away from the camp, the mountain lion took that opportunity to grab her and attempt to carry her away. Thankfully, her parents were able to stop the mountain lion and save their daughter!

This little girl is now known as Princess Puma because she lived to tell about the attack from the mountain lion. Although she has some puncture wounds and scratch marks, she was not seriously harmed. The parents in this video want to warn other parents about the dangers while out camping. Kelsi is certainly very lucky to be alive and her parents are so grateful! Check out this harrowing story and don’t forget to Please SHARE on Facebook.


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