Fourteen-Year-Old Contortionist Shoots Bow Using Only Her Feet


Sofie Dossi is a fourteen-year-old girl who loves contortionism. Her family fully supports her hobby and her Dad even created the platform she uses for her act. In this video, she is auditioning for America’s Got Talent. As she begins her performance, the judges seem truly intrigued by her skill. While she does many of the typical moves in contortion, this is an act like no other. When you see her grab her bow, you will be as shocked as the judges and audience!

When Sofie takes the bow in her foot and lifts her feet over her head, she gets into a mind-blowing formation and actually shoots the bow with her two feet, hitting the target perfectly! It is absolutely amazing to see this young lady perform. Her act takes true talent to pull off and it is clear she has a bright career ahead of herself. If you love Sofie’s audition, Please SHARE on Facebook.