Fox Cub Rescue That Could Have Been Avoided


Thank goodness there are animal lovers out there and people that will take the time to rescue animals. This poor little fox cub managed to get trapped in a football net. The fox was scared and he ended up getting caught. The more the fox struggled the close he was to being strangled.
Luckily for this little fox there were some rescuers nearby. With a little bit of time and patience they were able to get the fox out of the football net. The fox cub was scared but other than that the cub was not harmed. The fox cub was able to run back to its family.

If the people that were using the football net took the time to roll it up when they were done this situation would not have happened. All they had to do was put the net away and no animals could get tangled it in. Luckily this fox cub was able to get away unharmed. Please SHARE in Facebook.

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