Frank and Sammy’s “Me and My Shadow Is Delightfully Sung By Father Son Duo While Driving in the Car


This is one of the most adorable car video performances you will ever see. This father and son love singing together as they ride along in the car. Evidently, Dad has taught his son to have a deep appreciation of the classics because this little boy doesn’t miss a word of “Me and My Shadow”. As they each sing their parts, it is so cute to watch, you will want to turn it up loud and simply bask in the adorableness of it!

Both of these guys do an awesome job performing this classic Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. hit! It is clear they love singing together and this is likely going to be a pastime they enjoy for many years. It is lovely to see them having that father/son time together. If you think this singing duo is a joy to watch, don’t forget to Please SHARE on Facebook for all the world to enjoy!

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