Frankie The Cockatoo Likes To Make A Big Mess!


As Frankie’s owner attempts to fill a bin of chew treats, he is not having it! In this video, Frankie throws out the potato ears almost as fast as his owner can fill them back up. It is clear this zany bird enjoys making a mess and he is making no apologies for his behavior! This bird is so cute, his owner most likely does not mind cleaning up after him each time he gets the urge to make a mess.

As each potato ear is placed in the bin, Frankie sends another one flying to the ground. Maybe he doesn’t like potato ears and is trying to tell his owner to stop buying them! It is so funny to see the expression on his face as he picks up each one and sends it crashing down to the ground. It appears he feels he has a mission to take care of by ridding the store of all the potato ears! If you think Frankie is a cutie, Please SHARE on Facebook.


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