Freakishly Gigantic Hail Storm Attacks Backyard Swimming Pool in Oklahoma City


Everyone has experienced hail at some point in their life but not this kind of hail! As you watch the storm unfold in this video, you will be blown away by the huge splashes that are produced when the hail balls hit the water. This is not your average, everyday hail! This is the type of hail that ends up doing massive damage to homes, cars, and other property.

As you watch the amazing force of these hail balls, you will be mesmerized. The guy filming the scene is so blown away by the chaotic experience, all he can do is wonder what is going on. You have never seen hail this size and may never have the opportunity to again! This storm occurred in Oklahoma City on May 16th, 2010. This shocking video continues to amaze people as much as the day it was first uploaded. Check it out and Please SHARE on Facebook for the world to see!


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