Free Killer Tanning – Surprise!


Vitamin Sun was set up to offer free tans to new customers one cold November day. They dispatched somebody to the street to offer free tans to random people walking down the street. Meanwhile, the tanning salon was set up to educate prospective tanning clients about the dangers of tanning and what indoor tanning beds can do to a person’s health. These prospective tanning clients got quite an interesting surprise when they entered this salon and got their gear expecting to enter their respective tanning beds. It’s definitely not what they expected!


Did you know that just a single tanning session in a tanning bed at a salon elevates your risk of acquiring melanoma (skin cancer) by 20 percent? Check out how “Vitamin Sun” got the message through to these people who expected a free tan at a new tanning salon. For more information on skin cancer (melanoma), Please share this video on Facebook to spread the word!