French Bulldog Enters The Wild West In Full Cowboy Gear


There is something truly adorable about seeing a dog in costume! This French Bulldog is something to behold and seeing him in full cowboy dress is guaranteed to make your day all the more brighter. The funniest part of it all is he has no idea why everyone is smiling at him. As he runs about in his little cowboy costume, even holding a tiny rope, you won’t be able to stop laughing.

Viggo loves the wild west and is the cutest rootin’ tootin’ cowboy you ever did see! It is hilarious to see him roaming about as if he is truly watching out for his “town” in case the bad guys come. Viggo is the most adorable fella you have ever seen so make sure you watch him in action. His little jeans and chaps fit him perfectly and he is ready to lasso the criminals. Watch and be sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.