This French Bulldog Puppy Sounds Like A Gremlin!


If you have ever seen Gremilins, you will be familiar with the sound this pup makes as his owner is playing with him. This black Frenchie is absolutely adorable and the sound he makes will make you laugh. He is so funny to watch as his owner tickles his belly. You will have to decide if you think he sounds like a pup or a gremlin. It is clear the sound he makes is not your typical bark or growl.

This is a short video you will want to listen to more than once simply so you can believe the strange sounds this pup is making are not in your imagination. What an adorable puppy this is and you will love watching him in action. This is the kind of video you will get a real kick out of! After you enjoy this video, make sure to Please SHARE on Facebook with your friends.

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