French Bulldog Refuses To Eat A Fast Food Hamburger


Zelma the French Bulldog is one truly smart pooch! This sweet girl refuses to eat a fast food hamburger when it is presented to her on a plate. She gives it a once-over and a good smell and quickly turns up her nose at it, refusing to take a bite. This dog likely senses the burger simply is not good for her. As the video progresses, you will see what Zelma truly craves.

When offered a healthy dish, she immediately digs in and wants to eat every bite. It is so funny seeing her change in demeanor from the fast food offering to the healthy dish. It is clear this dog has refined taste and will not compromise her health or tastebuds with anything less than the best. What a sweet and sassy dog this Frenchie is! You will enjoy watching her dining as if she is in a fine restaurant. Please SHARE on Facebook after watching.