Frenchman Gets Arrested After Climbing 38 Story Building


The guy in this video is known as the French Spider-Man because he climbs buildings without any harnesses or safety devices of any kind. Here, you will see him climbing a huge thirty-eight-floor tower with ease. Police watch him as he climbs, making sure he does not fall. After the long and arduous climb, he was apprehended by the police and taken into custody.

Alain Robert is famous for climbing many buildings, including the Eiffel Tower. He uses very little gear when climbing and it is amazing to see him in action! Can you imagine seeing someone climb such a high building? Most people would be too afraid but this fifty-four year old is not afraid of heights and does not mind the risk. In fact, he lives for it! What amazing strength it must take for him to reach the top! Enjoy and make sure to Please SHARE on Facebook with everyone.