A Fresh Voice can Bring New Life to a Song


On this edition of the The Voice, Kids version a young man takes the stage to sing the hit song by Lady Gaga titled Applause. Lady Gaga sang this song so well that it was all over the charts and playing on everyone’s playlists for quite some time. When this young man named Soufjan starts to sing it in the Kids Voice Blind Auditions the song has a bold new look with the same great feel to it.

Never missing a beat as the judges take their time to turn their chairs around he keeps on singing even after they start to turn around. He is happy to point at the first judge as he turns his chair after enthusiastically hitting his button. The next judge to turn around is the other guy judge who stands up and listens to the audience before he turns his chair. Finally the young lady judge turns her chair and is quite surprised to see the young man singing this hit song. Three judges turn around and now that young man has a choice to make as to who will be his mentor before the next rounds begin.

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The Voice Kids