Her Friend Was Left In STITCHES When She Saw What Her Dog Was Capable Of!

Being thankful for whatever you have is always important. Here, Honey the Shih Tzu shows how thankful she is in the sweetest way since she has learnt to mind her manners before she can take a meal.

Within this video, food to be taken by the dog is placed on the floor by the woman. This puppy is patient enough to wait for the customary prayer to come to the end as opposed to scarfing and quickly indulging down the meal. When praying, the dog has learnt to put the paws in front and use the hind legs to sit up to when “Amen” is heard. That’s not all; your heart will surely melt when you discover what the owner and Honey does when praying every night!

This is one of the sweetest dogs to have. Amongst all the tricks dogs can learn, I find this to be the coolest!

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