The Friendship Between a Goat and a Puppy That Inspires Other Puppies


Adorable videos of animals have been all the rage on YouTube almost since the beginning. This is an adorable animal video from Animal Planet, making it a professional version of an animal video. It has a narrator that outlines all of the animal interactions for us, which helps give the video the feel of a documentary. However, it is very much an adorable animal video that is all about watching baby animals interact.

Viewers will see a little goat fail to make friends with nearby puppies briefly because of their differences in behavior. However, one puppy starts to befriend her, and soon, the rest of them join in to visit the goat. Watching each stage of this relationship is adorable, and watching the gradual bonding process between these two parties just adds a new dimension to the video. It almost appears to have its own plot. This is the kind of video that people will watch over and over again after first getting a glimpse of it on Facebook.