This Funny Child Can’t Stop Laughing


Chidren do laugh. That is a well known fact. But what is happening in this funny video will leave you in stitches. It is laughter beyond laughter.
The video begins by showing the kid’s father eating salad which is placed on a big white plate. But the manner in which he eats seems to interest the kid so much. He is seen swallowing food as some parts remain hanging in his mouth. This is precisely the cause of the drama here.
When his kid sees this, he bursts into laughter which continues for a while. The baby laughs until he leans on his chair in total excitement.
The father seems impressed by his child’s laughter and continues to do things that make the kid again. The laughter is even much louder and more persistent than before.

The father looks at him, smiles and laughs too. Everything is funny here. You will too find yourself laughing when you watch this comic video.Please SHARE on Facebook


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