A Funny Deconstruction of the Arguments Against Public Breastfeeding


Public breastfeeding has been a matter of some debate for a long time now. Many people still object to the practice, and many people are in the habit of defending it on a regular basis. This video cleverly manages to disguise its intentions in terms of its title, which seems to indicate that it’s going to be sympathetic to arguments that are against public breastfeeding. However, the video is clearly full of the opposite sentiment.

Still, the video manages to be entertaining as well as political in nature. The narrator manages to add some wit and sarcasm to the situation, taking the other side’s arguments to their logical conclusion in an effort to hold the arguments up for ridicule. She also includes some brief skits in the video as well, which only adds to the entertainment value. Many people on Facebook would eagerly share this video, especially the moms and the friends of moms.

Kristina Kuzmic

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