A Funny Way of Tricking People Who Are Trying to Get Around in the Snow Using Worn Paths


Many people have wanted to get revenge on the people who take their services for granted, especially janitors and custodians. This particular method for getting back at the people who do not appreciate one’s snow shoveling work is the sort of thing that more janitors and custodians might try in the future, since it is elegant in its simplicity but just as effective as a more elaborate prank. It manages to take advantage of people’s basic psychology very well.

The trick involves carving out paths for people in an area that has a lot of snow, but making sure that those paths don’t really lead anywhere, or else that they lead in a confusing direction. The custodians are in the perfect position to do this. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since it manages to contain a subtle but powerful social message along with the humor and silly images.

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