Gabriella Slays Her Performance Of Cold Play’s “Scientist” On The Voice France


Gabriella is a young French woman who plays violin and sings with the voice of an angel. In a day where much music sounds the same, this young lady has put a unique spin on her performances which allows her to beautifully share her talent with the world. Here, you will see her performing her blind audition on The Voice France. When she begins singing, the coaches immediately begin turning around to face her.

If you are a Cold Play fan, you are not going to want to miss this beautiful performance. Gabriella performs “Scientist” in such a way, she gives Chris Martin a run for his money! This is a video you will find yourself wanting to listen to over and over again because she is just that good. This young lady is sure to be a star soon and will likely be coming to a stage near you. Check it out and be sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.