Lifestyle Screens Garage Screen Makes Entering And Exiting Your Garage A Breeze


Attaching the retractable garage screen by Lifestyle Screens to your garage won’t change your life, but it will make things A LOT more convenient and comfortable. This garage screen makes entering and exiting through your garage easy, lets a breeze in, and keeps the bugs out.

The Lifestyle Garage Screen has a passage door which allows the user to enter and exit the garage without having to lift up the entire screen each time. This system is ultra easy to operate and requires almost no effort from the homeowner to bring it down or lift it back up. The Lifestyle Garage Screen stores and operates on the inside of the garage with no unsightly frames attached to the outside of the garage.

This means most Homeowner Associations are on board with homes in their communities installing this system. Homeowners can also feel environmentally good about the Lifestyle Garage Screen, as it uses no electricity to operate and is made of materials that are almost completely recyclable. Please share on Facebook.