Gary and Charlotte Chaney Dance to “Me and Bobby McGee in an Amazing Number


This amazing performance of Gary and Charlotte Chaney will blow your mind. In this video, they have incorporated many six-step dance moves from a variety of dances like the Jitterbug. You will love watching their high-energy performance as they gracefully move around the floor and do not miss a beat or a step! This type of dancing has been a long-time classic and continues to be loved by the older generations who truly know what “real” dancing is all about.

As you watch this fun video, make sure you turn up your speakers so you can hear the amazing cover of Me and Bobby McGee by Rhonda McDaniel. This stylish number will have you wanting to get up on your feet and dance along with this talented pair! This video will take you back to yesteryear, to times that seemed much simpler and less stressful. After you have enjoyed watching these two cut a rug, make sure to Please SHARE on Facebook for more fun!

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