Gemma Stafford Makes Four Delicious Microwave Mug Meals


Gemma Stafford is one of the most amazing chefs because she creates recipes that are easy enough for anyone to make and feel like they have created an awesome home-cooked meal. In this video, she has created four new mug meals that will provide you with delicious meals all day long. From a savory french toast breakfast to a Nutella brownie, this video is going to make you drool!

For breakfast, Gemma creates savory French toast with cheese and ham. Lunch is a delicious homemade Ramen noodle soup. She makes a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for a snack and then broccoli and cheese rice for dinner. Just when you thought it could not get any more delicious, she makes a Nutella brownie for dessert. These are so easy to make because they are all cooked in mugs inside the microwave. You do not want to miss this video. Don’t forget to Please SHARE on Facebook.