Genius Parrot Lets His Owner Know He Wants Pizza And He Wants It Now!


Einstein is properly named because he is the smartest bird in the entire world! This little guy loves talking and has picked up an amazing vocabulary. In this video, he is letting his owner know what he would like for dinner and it is clear he is insistent that he wants it now!

It is amazing hearing him so clearly say the word pizza. Although he does not specify what toppings he would like, he certainly has made it clear pizza is on his mind and he will not stop until he gets a slice, even if he has to keep saying pizza all night long. What an adorable bird this is! He is so fun to watch and has such an amazing mind. If you did not see the video, you would almost think a person was saying pizza! Enjoy this video and be sure to Please SHARE on Facebook with all you know.

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