GENTRI Beautifully Performs “Amazing Grace” At Light Of The World Statue Garden


GENTRI is a musical group that has the most soothing voices you have ever heard! Their performance of “Amazing Grace” is sure to touch your heart. The scenes from the video are absolutely beautiful. While they performed this song, the “Light Of the World” statue garden was dedicated. As you look at the amazing sculptures of Jesus’ life, you will want to keep watching the entire video.

As they perform “Amazing Grace”, you will see the life of Jesus being revealed right before your eyes. The biggest moments from his ministry on earth are detailed in these beautiful statues. You will also see gorgeous flowers and waterfalls that will capture your eye as you listen to the touching music that is being performed. This is the kind of song you could listen to over and over, simply to relax your mind and increase your focus on what matters. Check out the beautiful video and make sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.