How to get that 1920’s inspired Gatsby hairstyle for women?


The 1920’s are considered one of the Golden periods in the history of Hollywood with actresses like Lillian Gish, Greta Garbo and Jobyna Ralston ruling the roost. In those days actresses had a certain regal look to them and were extremely beautiful with their signature hairstyle.

All ladies have at some point of time wanted the glam bob hairstyle from the 1920’s while going to a sophisticated party. But most shy away at the thought of cutting your hair for the hairstyle which you can’t carry to work. This video tells you how to get that hairstyle without cutting your hair.

You do not need very sophisticated and complex stuff to get that done. Just a curler with a few clips to hold your hair in place and a strong hair spray will do the trick. The lady also gives useful hacks on how to make your look shorter and more voluminous without cutting your hair using just bobby pins. This can be very useful for women who have a theme party coming up. Teamed with the right make up this look will surely put all spotlights on you in any party that you walk into.

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elanna pecherle

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