Giant Maine Coon Cat Is Over 3 Feet Tall And Cat Lovers Are Obsessed With Him


Regardless of their size, weight, and shape, we love all of our pets and the other animals that touch upon our lives. From a pocket-sized hamster to a six-foot-tall horse, size doesn’t change the way we admire the beauty of the animal kingdom, and certainly, it shouldn’t as appearance is only a cover.

Even for a three-year-old Maine coon kitty by the name of Lotus, who weighs a whopping 22 pounds and counting, his unusual size for a housecat doesn’t stop the internet from being obsessed with him!

While his size is actually quite normal and healthy, just three pounds shy from the top of the average male Maine coon weight, Lotus has still become a sensation on the web, leaving everyone doing a double take. Within another year, it’s possible that Lotus could weigh 25 pounds, yet still be within the healthy weight limit for his breed. The average weight for most housecat breeds by an adult age is just 7.9 to 9.9 pounds, about three times less than what Lotus’ adult weight could be!

In fact, in one video of Lotus playing with a motorized butterfly toy, we realize how big he truly is when he’s sitting right next to Chivaz, another kitty in the household. Just his face alone is nearly double in size!

With his fluffy coat, gigantic paws, long body, and extra-tall ears, you might be a little intimidated by Lotus. Although he is likely larger than most of the cats we’ve ever owned or witnessed, everyone who gets to meet him knows that he’s a gentle giant. That’s one thing that Maine coons are known for.

But just like other cats around the world, Lotus enjoys socializing, engaging in long naps, participating in playtime, and cuddling with his owners. From the photos on his Instagram page, we also realize that Lotus loves to take selfies in the forest, let the wind blow through his long fur, and on occasion, likes to make funny faces to make us laugh!

To see how large Lotus is, watch the video below! For more videos featuring Lotus, be sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel, and follow him on Instagram. Have you ever saw a cat as big or as fluffy as Lotus?!