This Giant Whirlpool Is Relaxing To Watch!


This gigantic whirlpool is something that is amazing to see. There is something very relaxing about watching it and listening to the sounds it makes. It almost looks as if someone has pulled the plug on the lake and it is draining! This whirlpool has so much power as it begins to suck everything inside itself. As you watch this video, you will feel your eyes glued to the screen!

There is something mesmerizing about watching this whirlpool. You will want to watch it just to see all of the ice and debris being sucked in. No one knows quite what caused this whirlpool to begin forming and only time will tell what it will cause. This whirlpool formed in parish Dviete, Latvia and has had people wondering what made it occur. You do not want to miss out on this amazing sight. Check out the video and Please SHARE on Facebook.