Gigi Hadid Taunts Melania Trump During AMAs


No matter what you may think of America’s next president, you will have to agree this video was in poor taste. Gigi Hadid stood up at the American Music Awards and made fun of Melania Trump’s accent, a move which has caused an outcry among those who think it was in poor taste. Making fun of anyone should never be allowed, no matter who it is! Although some found this was funny, many found it upsetting.

You will have to watch the video and see if you think it was in poor taste. There has been a big backlash against Gigi Hadid and only time will tell how it affects her career. She was not the only one to make snide remarks at the awards. Even Green Day got in on the action by protesting against Trump in their performance. Watch this video, form your opinion, and then Please SHARE on Facebook.