Girl Is Under Anesthesia And Asks Her Nurse To Marry Her


This is one of the most hilarious anesthesia videos you have ever seen so make sure you sit back and enjoy! The young girl in this video is under anesthesia because she had to have surgery to fix her broken arm. The drugs she is under have made her loopy and out of it. She has no idea what she is saying and that makes this video all the more hilarious! Can you imagine how embarrassed she was once she came to her senses and later saw this?

The nurse in this video handled the young girl’s flirting with grace and humor. As she keeps flirting, it is hilarious to see her actions and the words she speaks to this nurse. She is determined to let this man know that she loves him and wants to marry him in a blue wedding dress. You do not want to miss this video! After you watch, Please SHARE on Facebook.

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