Go Green: Make a Wine Rack From Recycled Materials


In light of the global crisis, it is important that each individual make their best effort to go green. This do it yourself video helps in this goal. The video shows how an individual is able to make their own wine rack from recycled materials. This is done by getting cans, cleaning them and then stacking them together.

The cans are then glued together into the design of your choice. Clip them together while they dry to prevent any unwanted movement. Following drying, the project is ready for use. The video also suggests that the cans can be painted to complement your particular home’s design.

This video shows a very easy way that individuals are capable of taking garbage and recycling it into a useful and attractive form. This do it yourself wine rack works both for storage, but also as a conversation starter. If you enjoyed learning how to be come more green, please share in Facebook.