Golf Tournament Unveils a Special Military Homecoming Surprise


At this golf tournament, an unsuspecting family stands on the stage to accept an award for their military husband/father who is away in Kuwait. He volunteers for the PGA tournament so the family thinks they are there to honor him. Little do they know, he is the award they are receiving in a surprise military family reunion. As they stand on the stage and the award is announced, the soldier comes running on stage to surprise his awaiting family.

As the soldier states in the video, it is incredibly difficult for these men and women to leave their loved ones and head off for duty. Thankfully, this soldier was able to make it back home safely to be with those he holds dear. When you see them all reunited, your heart will soar! If you believe this man deserves all respect, Please SHARE on Facebook so the entire country can salute him and his efforts.

WEWS NewsChannel5