A Good Samaritan Frees a Dog That Was Constricted With Tape


Animals unfortunately get abused and mistreated each and every day, although it doesn’t always happen in the same way. Plenty of people will also abandon their dogs. Some people do both at once, which seems to have been the case for this German shepherd. Her muzzle and her legs were constricted and wrapped in tape, and she was left on the side of the road.

Fortunately, she was discovered by a kindhearted passerby who managed to free her entirely and get her the medical help that she needed. The good Samaritan gives viewers the backstory during the video while a narrator supplies the rest of the information. Viewers get to see what the tape looked like on the dog, as well as footage of her in a much safer place. Many people on Facebook would find this video inspiring, since it depicts acts of heroism, while also finding it touching and heartwarming.


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