Gorgeous Baby Calf Follows Her New Owner Around The Farm


The beautiful spotted calf in this video is named Violet. When you see her, you will immediately wish she was your own because she truly is so adorable. This little one was rescued and is now living on the Skylands Animal Sanctuary farm. Her beautiful coloring sets her apart from other calves and her spotted nose is too adorable for words. This sweet little baby is going to grow up in complete bliss and freedom, enjoying every day of her life at the sanctuary.

Because this video is so short, you may find you want to keep it on loop so you can keep gazing at this adorable creature! Violet is a blessed calf because now she will be fully taken care of and can enjoy her freedom. She will no longer be living in poor conditions and can count on receiving tons of love each and every day. If you would love to give this calf a hug, Please SHARE on Facebook.