Gorgeous Pet Parrot Does His Happy Dance with a Paper Towel


Have you ever wanted to own a bird, but worried that they might be unhappy in captivity? Wonder no more! In this video, this Little Bird is more than happy, and if I knew how cheap it was to make a bird this happy, I would have bought one long ago.
Many people think that just because a bird isn’t flying, that hopping around this much must mean it is distressed. But, that’s not true here. This bird is a Caique, which is a breed of parrot.

With its thick, sturdy legs, it prefers to hop and climb over flying – and in this video it’s just pure joy he’s expressing. Like a little child bouncing a ball for the first time, this parrot hops and hops, and hops, playing with nothing more than a paper towel. He rolls on it. He drags it. He flips it and crawls through it… he even hides under it. Whoops! He also slips and falls – but, then he gets right back up again and starts over!

This video is totally awesome! Yet, what’s even more beautiful is that you can practically see a smile on this Little Bird’s beak. It is so beautiful to watch, and proves that birds are great, loving and happy companions. This video is not only one that you absolutely have to see, it’s also one you’ll want to share. So, don’t forget to SHARE this awesome video on Facebook.

Little Bird & Friends