A Gorilla Who Was Reintroduced Into the Wild Years Ago Is Reunited With a Conservationist


This is a video that manages to effortlessly demonstrate how powerful the bonds between animals and humans can be, and the fact that animals can manage to remember the bonds that they had with humans for years.

The gorilla in this video was raised in a wild animal park by the conservationist in this video. He was introduced into the wild when he was five years old. This video was taken five years later. The conservationist had an opportunity to get reunited with the gorilla that he had known all those years ago. The gorilla still recognized him, hugged him, and the two of them managed to bond like beloved old friends.

The conservationist was even introduced to other members of the gorilla’s family. People should please SHARE┬áthis video on Facebook, since it is a lovely and heartwarming video, and it manages to make a lot of powerful statements about the relationship between humans and animals.

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