They Got A Call About A Neglected Dog. But When They Responded, It Was All Inspiring!


In my view, we should not neglect pets. I don’t understand why a person can decide to abandon his/her in the streets when there are individuals who can adopt them. I can’t either explain how some people can be so unkind to other creatures.

Hendrix, a dog, was abandoned in an industrial locality, had no friends or relatives. His survival in that dangerous area was only by the grace of God. When the good Samaritans came, Hendrix didn’t know that his life was to take a new turn.

After a team from Hope For Paws had received a call, they decided to go and rescue Hendrix. At first, it was not easy convincing Hendrix to go with them. For him, the area was the best place and not someone he did not know. It was difficult for him to trust that he could be safe again. After a few moments, the rescuers finally gained the trust of the dog. Hendrix just realized they were real people who could not harm him.

The story just inspired me, and I hope it does the same with you too. Please SHARE the video on Facebook to help others know it’s important to care for pets.