Britain’s Got Talent Welcomes a Mother and Son Dynamic Singing Duo


Mother And Son Share A Heartwarming Duet On ”Britain’s Got Talent”

Mel and Jamie are an unlikely singing pair that you have to see to believe. It isn’t often a fifteen-year-old boy would feel comfortable singing in a performance with his Mother! It is clear to see these two have a special bond that cannot be broken. When they enter the stage and their voices rise together, you will be floored at how wonderfully they perform together before the judges and audience.

This Britain’s Got Talent audition is one of the best of the season. While Jamie seems timid when he first begins singing, he soon looks into his Mother’s eyes and gains every bit of confidence he needs to allow his voice to soar to great heights once he hits the chorus of the song, Say Something by A Great Big World. This beautiful performance is sure to help these two rise to stardom! If you enjoy this video as much as others have, Please SHARE on Facebook!

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