Grab the Tissues and Listen to Nichole Nordeman Beautifully Sing “Slow Down”


If you are a parent, you know how quickly children seem to grow up. One minute you are feeding them a bottle and the next, they are on their way to college! Most parents have thought about what Nichole Nordeman is singing when they see their little ones growing up way too fast. Slow Down is a beautifully touching song that speaks to parents and their children in a unique way. Not only are the words beautiful but so are the images in the video.

As you watch this touching video, be prepared for tears. The words are so gentle, yet deep with emotion. Even if you are not a parent, this video will make you appreciate your own parents. It is a song that has more meaning than you will ever realize until you have held the hand of your own little one! After you have enjoyed this sweet song, Please SHARE on Facebook so others can hear it too.