Grace The Orphaned Rhino Loves Giving Kisses


If you have never seen a baby rhino giving kisses, you do not want to miss this video! Here, you will meet Grace. Grace is a baby rhino who is being raised by caretakers because her mother was ruthlessly killed by poachers. The rescue team was able to save her and she is clearly thankful they did. This sweet one loves giving out kisses and is quite adorable when she does so!

When Grace gives a kiss, she opens her mouth wide and lovingly gives kisses all over a person’s face. It is so amazing to see these animals and the level of love they can show humans. Grace is being raised and protected until she is older and then will be released back into the wild. It is hoped videos like this one will raise awareness about poaching so it can one day be stopped. If you think Grace is adorable, Please SHARE on Facebook.