GrandFather Tells a Dirty Joke


Every grandparent has something you love about them.

When this 89 year old grandpa was taken out for ice cream, it reminded him of a classic dirty joke that he just had to share with his son. Even though his hands are shaking by trying to hold onto his own ice cream, he remembers the joke in great detail. Eating the vanilla ice cream that he is holding actually plays a part in the joke he is telling, and it gets a hardy laugh from his son at the end of the video.

Keep in mind that when an older person tells you a joke it will be like a story and while this video is less than a minute long, the detail that this grandpa puts into it makes the joke even funnier than if it were short. You will have a hardy laugh yourself when you hear the end of it, and think about the joke every time you eat ice cream.

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