Grandma Shakes Her Groove Thang In A Waffle House Parking Lot


While her family was waiting for her inside the local Waffle House, Grandma got out of her car and started dancing like no one was watching. She didn’t just shake a tail feather, she got down with her bad self! When her family realized what she was doing, they started filming and the results are comedic gold. This woman is enjoying life and she does not care who is watching her!

If only we could all be this carefree! This woman proves that age truly is just a number. She does not seem to mind that everyone might be staring or even laughing. All she cares about is having the time of her life while there is still life to live. Her dance will have you laughing and smiling all day long. Maybe this grandma will encourage you to dance too. Check out this hilarious senior citizen and Please SHARE on Facebook.