Grandma Thinks She Is Inviting Her Grandson To Eat Thanksgiving But Texts A Stranger Instead


This video is so touching and will remind you there are still good people in this world. When the grandma in this video sent her grandson a text message to let him know he was invited to Thanksgiving, she had no idea she had made a mistake. It seems someone had the old number of her grandson and what happened after the initial text is priceless!

The man texted the woman back and let her know he did not know who she was. He even sent a picture of himself to let her know he was not her grandson and then asked was he still invited and she shockingly said he was! These two spent Thanksgiving together as strangers but left as friends. What a truly amazing story this is and one that should be viewed by everyone. Watch the video, smile, and then make sure to Please SHARE on Facebook with friends.