Granting wishes to children in all shapes and forms


Children are often getting sick with diseases like cancer or other ailments which causes them to need more care than normal. These children in most cases fight with everything they have despite the toll it takes on their little bodies and it is draining to their spirit and their lives. Organizations are out there to help these children in situations like young Trevor Scott who is shown singing on stage with Toby Keith in July of 2005.

Trevor was waiting for a liver transplant when someone recommended and sponsored them with the Make a Wish Foundation. This is a foundation that grants a wish to a child and makes that wish come true in ways that go above and beyond their expectations. In this case young Trevor wanted to meet Toby Keith. Most organizations would have made that happen with a simple meet and greet that would surely have done the job and elated the young man. However this organization went above and beyond that, reaching out to Toby Keith and asking him to make it something special. Toby happily agreed and had the young man on stage with him as you can see in this video singing, “American Soldier”. Trevor did such a good job that he ended up singing most of the song.

The video only runs about 6 minutes long even though it says over eight minutes. The last couple of minutes are nothing but blank space so can be left out. Trevor received his transplant and ten years later is doing well starting law school. This video is a great one to share with friends and family whether they have a sick child or not, so please SHARE in Facebook.

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