Great Dane Is Running With His Owner – His Next Move Is Absolutely Hysterical


It’s always a great idea to bring our furry friends along with us when we exercise! But often times, they get overheated and exhausted much faster than us. Under what is essentially a big fur coat, it’s easy to understand why they get tired – so to help his Great Dane pup out during the warm summer months one owner created a wagon that is the perfect size!

With a touch of ingenuity and a lot of love, this owner created “Luther’s Waggin.'” The two-wheeled wagon bike attachment helps his extra large friend enjoy the great outdoors when he gets too tired to run alongside any longer. Why should Luther have to go inside when his owner is still biking around the neighborhood?

Luther climbs on board the wagon with ease and relaxes as his loving owner carries him around like a king! He’s truly living the good life. See this pampered pooch’s “waggin'” for yourself in the video below!

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